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No matter what the enemy has tried to do. God has good things in mind for you.



~ The Process ~


Are you struggling right now inside my sister or brother?
Have you decided that yes I am going all the way with the Lord but my flesh is weak? Okay then you have come to the right place. In our churches we are hearing a lot of messages about getting money and enlarging our territory. However, we can't manage the money we have now. To add to it we don't even take authority over the territory God has already given us i.e. our homes, our jobs or our finances.

What are you going to do women or man of God? Well if you are like most of the people  that I know you are going to seek first the kingdom of God. Often times we get complaisant in our daily tasks. We want every thing fast but we don't want to go through the process.  What is the process you might ask? Well in order for you to truly know you are in the process. You have to be in a relationship with your Heavenly Father. 

Think back a few years to the time when you thought you would never get out of a certain situation alive. Think back it could have been just a few weeks ago. However, you are still here and God is still God. Can I get an Amen.

Let's take a look at that process. The process of being refined as you may already know means having the heat turned up on your life. This means that you will experience some bad days. This means that you will have to say no to the flesh and yes to the Holy Spirit. Every day you have to die so that Christ may live in you. If you don't control yourself who will?

I think that we are so often mislead into thinking that being a Christian comes along with blessing after blessing. We  don't want the struggle it takes to get to that blessing. I know I don't but God made me realize the process. God is always trying to process you and take you higher. However, if you get weary in well doing like I have done many times. You can loose out on the blessing that God has waiting for you. Now don't get it twisted the blessings are waiting, but to whom much is given much is required ( (Luke 12:48). 

I heard a lot of people praying the Jabez prayer, and my Pastor preached a sermon on it I will never forget. A few key things from the sermon was being careful of what we ask and pray for. We must always be mindful that God is the rewarder of those who diligently seek  Him. 
He will give you the desires of your heart. However, if you are not praying correctly you might get a hold of something that you can't handle. Yes we may pray about having our territory enlarged.

However we are already complaining about picking up people now, or we are complaining about the things that God has already asked us to do. How can we handle more? If Our Heavenly Father does bless us with more will we give more? Will He still be able to call on you at 5am like He use to? Ladies these are things that we have to think about on a daily basis. Are you prepared for what may come next?

This is why God allows the process. Which is simply killing these fleshly desires to bring about a change that lines up with the Holy Spirit within us. Which then lines us up with God's will for our life.  Be blessed my sister of brother and do not give up. God is not through with you yet.


  Committed Sisters N Christ

    Dedicated Sister's United for Jesus

    Everyday as women we struggle with the woes of Life. However it is possible to live above the mess. It is possible to go beyond the foolishness that you may deal with daily at your job and at home. However my love in order to get above, it takes commitment and sacrifice. 

    The greatest reward is the reward earned through sweat and determination. The life of being a Christian is not an easy task. Daily we struggle with our own flesh while we preach or teach and tell others how to keep themselves in line. 

    One thing that I want to stress to you Woman of God is this. You are not alone... Committed Sisters In Christ is here for you. Take a deep breath and relax honey God has a word just for you.......

    Visit the Committed Sister's in Christ page...Click here


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